Contemporary Refinement
Reike Nen
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Reike Nen은 2010년 1월 서울을 기반으로 시작한 윤홍미의 레이블입니다.

슈즈를 위주로 한 여러 가지 작업을 합니다.


Reike Nen은 오래되고 단단한 아름다움을 새롭게 표현하려고 합니다.

‘동시대적인 우아함-Contemporary Refinement’이 Reike Nen의 취지입니다.


‘Reike Nen’ was formed in January 2010 in Seoul by Rei Yoon Hong mi, especially focused on shoes and others.

Reike Nen brought both classic and elegant aspects from the past to create their own designs with a contemporary vision.


In doing so, the aim is create a new kind of refined style.

‘Contemporary Refinement’ is the purpose of Reike Nen.





Majored Fashion Design at Ewha Womans University



Fashion Consultant and Accessary Designer at Handsome Corporation



Launched ‘Reike Nen’



Launched ‘miyerh’